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BT starter (for 2 people) image

BT starter (for 2 people)

fried pasta, Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, smoked provola, fior di latte


Burrata Caprese image

Burrata Caprese

with semi-dry yellow cherry tomatoes under the sun, yellow datterino tomatoes, Sicilian datterino tomatoes, anchovy fillets
Cetara and basil


Carpaccio image


marinated beef carpaccio, rocket, drops of chilli pepper (sweet) and parmesan flakes


Vegetarian fry image

Vegetarian fry

courgette flower with ricotta and provola, pancakes with seaweed, mozzarella sticks with beer,
potato croquettes, mixed battered vegetables


First Course

Tortelloni image


DOUGH: semolina flour and grape seed flour, without eggs
INSIDE: ricotta, grated lemon, New Caledonian blue prawn
SAUCE: prawn bisque cream
ABOVE: Red chard sprouts
Sautéed with butter and sage


Ravioli image


DOUGH: semolina flour and pumpkin seed flour, without eggs FILLING: purple potato and gorgonzola
SAUCE: purple cauliflower cream ABOVE: crispy speck Sauteed with butter and sage


Scialatielli image


Scialatielli (fresh pasta) with seafood (prawns¹, scampi¹, calamari¹, mussels)


Pappardelle image


Pappardelle (fresh pasta) with porcini mushrooms¹ and Toma Piemontese with mountain herbs


Paccheri image


Paccheri (fresh pasta) with prawns¹ and pistachio


Risotto Azzurro image

Risotto Azzurro

Risotto (with Piedmontese rice) with prawns with red cabbage sauce and red chard sprouts


Risotto Bianco image

Risotto Bianco

Risotto (con riso piemontese) con Gorgonzola Dolce Novarese e pere Kaiser


Second Course

Tagliata (for 2 people) image

Tagliata (for 2 people)

beef tagliata with grilled vegetables, rosemary, black pepper and EVO oil


fillet steak image

fillet steak

Beef fillet served with porcini mushroom sauce¹


Straccetti image


Strips of beef fillet with green pepper


Salmon image


Salmon² with pistachio crust served with avocado, rocket and Sicilian datterino tomatoes


Calamari image


Baked calamari¹ au gratin


Filetto di Cernia image

Filetto di Cernia

Filetto di Cernia con pomodorini freschi rossi e gialli,olive taggiasche e capperi


Salads and Side Dishes

Sea Salad image

Sea Salad

Octopus¹, cuttlefish¹, shrimp¹, celery, Taggiasca olives, almond slices and parsley


Speck salad image

Speck salad

Lettuce, rocket, corn, cherry tomatoes, Speck Alto Adige, parmesan flakes, lemon


Vegetarian Salad image

Vegetarian Salad

Mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, carrots, corn, avocado


French fries image

French fries


Grilled vegetables image

Grilled vegetables

aubergines, courgettes and peppers


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